• D3D 2018
    Annual Conference
  • July 15, 2018

    10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Menorah Center, Dnipro

    Ballroom Conference Hall

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D3D is an annual conference unveiling solutions to the main engineering challenges in software development. We are focusing not only on technical tasks, but are also discovering the latest trends and innovative technologies.

Join D3D 2018 to dive into web and cloud development, 3D modeling, as well as to discuss topical software engineering issues and opportunities.


Igor Tsinman
President, AMC Bridge

Top Technologies Changing the World

Innovative technologies are already changing the world. They go in our daily life, change our habits, make our life more comfortable and a little bit incredible. At last year's event, we made an overview of the most inspiring technologies of the modern world and now we would like to review them to find out their implementation in engineering for today, as well as look into the future and suggest how else the world can be changed. We will share our experience and our opinion on how to keep innovation as an advantage and to be successful.

Igor Baidiuk
Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

CAD as a Web Service

Web services have become a huge part of a global software during the last decade. Although, CAD software still remains desktop-based mostly. We will share our experience on using desktop-oriented geometry kernel as backend for REST service. We'll focus on Node.JS native addons, Parasolid Kernel as the main processing facility, and HOOPS Exchange as a format translator, as well as their quirks and specifics.

Kirill Nazarov
Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

Zero to Bool

Geometric modeling is the field that discusses the mathematical methods behind the modeling of realistic objects for computer graphics and computer aided design and this topic continues to grow in importance. Considering its significance, we’ll explore the practical implementation of geometric modeling algorithms. Most CAD and modeling systems are built upon existing geometric kernels and libraries. Complexity of the topic and scarcity of good information sources, led to very few implementation options being in open access. We’ll take a look how some of the most basic geometric operations, also known as Boolean operations, may be implemented entirely from scratch.

Maksym Pasynkov
Tech Expert, AMC Bridge

Surface Reconstruction Based on Neural Networks

Surface reconstruction is an important trend in 3D scanning. There are different approaches to recreate surfaces from a given point cloud within the shortest possible time and with a given quality criteria. We’ll tell how to find the most suitable method based on Machine Learning unsupervised learning techniques for reconstruction of interior and exterior 3D scans of original objects. This presentation is about self-organizing maps algorithms and their use for surface reconstruction. We’ll focus on two self-organizing map types – Surface Growing Neural Gas (sGNG) and Growing Cell Structures (GCS) reconstruction – for reconstruction of a 3D mesh from point cloud.

Pavel Bidenko
Tech Expert, AMC Bridge

Think Abstract, Write Simple

Modern world dictates the need to be agile. You should create things that are maintainable and are easy to fix and extend. Probably you have heard those words many times. And perhaps you feel like GoF patterns are your best friends and you mastered all the 5 letters from the SOLID principles. Make sure that you are not wasting your time (and maybe someone's money) on the stuff that you will never use. The common mistake is to use in your code everything that you have just known from that yet another book, seminar or article. So let's try to find the 'golden mean' that allows you to survive in 'agile' world of development and not to catch yourself in a trap of abstractions.


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